Who is the Wild Fox


Wild Fox wines are about as feel-good as you can get. It makes wines that are organic, biodynamic, with minimal preservatives and vegan-friendly. Originally established along the historical Gawler River in the Adelaide Plains, South Australia, Wild Fox gained organic certification in 1998 out of a respect for health and the environment. On their 17 hectare vineyard, every practice was taken to the nth degree with practices documented by Adelaide University. Founded by the late Terry Markou, it all started from the purchase of a hobby farm in the 1990s and the recognition of the potential for organic produce, especially Organic wine which was unheard of at the time. He named it after the village his father came from in Greece called Agrelopo, which translates to Wild Fox. The business is a family affair with Terry’s brother, Petros, taking care of the brand nationally, based in Sydney. The Patriarch of the family Theo, was enthusiastically working at the vineyard despite being well into his 80’s and was a popular figure when visiting the vineyard. Making wines from varietals like Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in sparkling and table styles, the winemaking team fashioned wines that were fruit-driven, soft and generally lower in alcohol at everyday prices.

When we created Wild Fox our logo represented our wonderful family-owned brand.


Sadly, Terry tragically passed away in 2014 when Wild Fox was well established as a leading Organic wine brand and the vineyard had to be sold. This temporarily halted the Wild Fox journey. However taking advantage of a number premium grown organic grapes throughout South Australia and now New South Wales, the Wild Fox brand is back with some delicious wines that are sure to please the palate and continue the tradition of our motto “wild in taste, mild on nature”

Now we've come up with a new logo to represent change and the evolution of our journey whilst still paying homage to our significant past.

Thank you for coming along for the next phase of the journey, which promises to be the most exciting one yet….

Owner and Director,

Petros Markou



Sold Out